Importance Of Digital Ecosystem In Digital Marketing


Importance of Digital Ecosystem in Digital Marketing

What is a digital ecosystem in digital marketing?

Consider you are a businessman who wants to develop a website for your business. What will you do? You will hire a company to develop your website and seek the best rate possible. You also ignore a professional agency with high charges for a small agency that is charging you less for the same website. And, this is the first mistake you make for your business. As a small agency, it will just develop your website but will completely ignore the factors which will affect other digital platforms too. However, a professional agency will keep in mind that your website is your gateway to digital marketing and sinking it properly with other digital platforms is necessary with technical SEO & API integrations.

Without an ecosystem, your website will just be a visiting card which can only add value until you give it to anyone.

Ankit Mishra

Above is the difference between a professional agency with high charges and an unprofessional agency with low charges.

Nowadays, just building a website is not only important, you have to develop a complete ecosystem since a search engine crawler will not only crawl your website but the platforms synced with your website also add value to it.

So, a digital ecosystem is creating your digital presence not only through a structured website but also sinking it with various platforms that will help you to market your product in near future.

What happens if you ignore ecosystem development?

Let's have an example, consider you want to run a Facebook lead ad, it needs a URL of your website and a privacy policy page. Now, if your website is not structured properly, how do you think Facebook will understand the authenticity of the ad you want to run? These are some small factors that affect your ad. Not only your Facebook account, your local google my business profile ranking, and your google ads ad ranking are some important factors depending on your website structure & content.

Thus, it is mandatory to develop a complete digital ecosystem before starting your digital marketing operations. Without an ecosystem, your website will just be a visiting card which can only add value until you give it to anyone.

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